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gigapult is a platform that's connecting employers with the future of work.

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We're bridging the skills gap through gigs.

gigapult™ is the new gig economy platform that connects employers with teenage gig workers. High school students learn and record new skills, test knowledge through gigs, and build verified work experience for future success. gigapult is the tech version of mowing lawns and flipping burgers!

What is a gigapult gig?

gigapult gig
/gig-uh-puhlt gig/

1. virtual work that is greater than a task but smaller than a project

How does it all work?

Bite-size virtual work provides work experience for teens to build a profile of interests and skills. The gigapult strategy also give companies an alternative input to their talent and hiring strategy.

How it works.


  • Grow through feedback
  • Flexibility and access to more companies
  • Accelerate knowledge and level-up skills
  • Directly apply learning


  • Engage aspiring young professionals
  • Get real work done
  • Reduce cost to find entry level talent
  • Diversify their hiring pipeline
We envision a world where people aren't stuck doing work that sucks. Where individuals have full flexibility, autonomy, and control of their work. Start working gigs at your current skill level. Grow. Change. Evolve. Do side hustles that help you build a better future and reach your goals. Don't drive a taxi or deliver coffee. You have more potential than that.

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